The sensor data platform for quality operations

Empiric easy to use software and smart sensors enable operators to automate workflows, prevent failures, and view supply chain data in real-time

Fully Automated

Remotely manage your facilities and automate QA operations, with zero manual intervention

Empiric’s easy to use platform, allows you to fully automate quality operations throughout your supply chain, in real-time.

Plug and Play Installation

Set up your sensors, like any smart home devices, within a few clicks

Free Over The Air Updates

Empiric's next-level chips and software allow us to remotely deploy automatic application updates, to your devices and platform, as frequently as your smartphone

Empiric also has

User Friendly Software

Easy to read and use data-rich insights

Empiric’s user friendly software helps operators reduce the amount of time they spend on data collection and analysis throughout the whole supply chain

Easy Integration

Integrates with existing systems and 3rd party devices

Start improving your operations processes today.

Take the next step in evolving your QA operations using Empiric’s smart sensors and open data platform

Adaptable and resilient solutions for many different industries

Our Life Sciences customers come to Empiric to automate quality operations throughout the supply chain, by capturing environmental and machine sensor data in real-time. Some of those sensors inlcude (but are not limited to), temperature, humidity, and vibration. All of these metrics are helping customers prevent product spoilage, ensure product quality, and prevent machine downtime whether it be on-site or in-transit.

In addition to preventing product spoilage and ensuring product quality, we also help Food & Beverage analyze the health of their facilities motors and compressors to prevent downtime. Whether it’s in their facilities or greater supply chain, Empiric’s platform is helping these customers automate their reporting and documentation for R&D, manufacturing, and logistics.

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Product Guides

Gateway (E-G22) – Data Sheet

PURPOSE Cold chain manufacturers can optimize their supply chain by using Empiric’s platform and LTE device, to transform their in-transit product quality monitoring operations. From automated

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