The Manufacturing Excellence Platform for Batch Manufacturers

 Empiric’s easy to use platform, allows you to fully integrate your sensors, systems, and manufacturing data to gain batch process and equipment insights which you couldn’t get before.

Capture critical production data

Use Wireless Sensors, Digital Forms and System Connectors to Collect Critical Production Data in Real-Time

Quickly start collecting unique production data, such as the temperature of products, health of your most critical equipment, SOP and batch data, and more.


Digitize your documents

Turn paper documents into digital documents for analytics and reporting.

Real-Time Remote Management 

Remotely manage your critical production operations in real-time

Remotely view your most critical production and process data in real-time, from anywhere, at any time. 


Analyze your critical manufacturing data

Identify equipment failures and critical production points. and process inefficiencies.


Predict and prescribe optimal process inputs

Identify golden batch parameters to increase vied and quality.

AutomateD Analysis

Analyze your production data to increase yield and improve quality

Empiric also has

User Friendly Software

Easy to read and use data-rich insights

Empiric’s user friendly software helps operators reduce the amount of time they spend on production data collection and analysis

No-Code Machine Learning and AI Modeling

Configure models in just a fews steps and begin your journey to prescriptive insights

Start improving your operations processes today.

Take the next step in achieving your manufacturing excellence goals

Adaptable and resilient solutions for many different industries


Food & Beverage

Chemical Manufacturing

Automate critical process and production data collection from your sensors, data historians, ERPs, manufacturing systems, and machines.
Analyze batch SOPs and process data, with machine learning or Al, to identify ideal parameters to improve batch quality/ vield for each product
Identify variances between batches of similar products to increase yield
Analyze machine and batch data overtime to determine successful and unsuccessful batches

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Automate critical process and production data collection from your sensors, data historians, ERPs, manufacturing systems, and machines.
Automate live product data capture, during cooking and chilling cycles, to improve cycle times
Analyze MP quality data and production equipment data, to identify golden batch

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